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Did Affleck hang up the Batman costume?

Image It looks like the long-suffering DC cinematic universe is facing another major challenge. Forbes shares rumors that Warner Bros. failed to convince Ben Affleck, who decided to abandon the role of Batman.

Affleck entered the DC Universe in August 2013 as a freshly baked Oscar and Golden Globe winner for his work on Operation Argo. Since then, a black streak has come in Ben's life. The actor divorced Jennifer Garner, underwent rehabilitation at an alcoholic clinic, directed the super-lucrative crime drama Law of the Night, and starred in three critically-smashed WB comics.

Soon after the release of the blockbuster "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", word spread on the Internet that Affleck wanted to quickly get rid of the image of the Dark Knight. Hollywood insiders claim that Ben has finally managed to terminate his contract with the WB and escape from the superhero universe. At the same time, neither the studio's official representatives, nor the actor himself are in a hurry to confirm this information.


The future of Batman in the DC world of movie comics looks hazy. A few days ago, there were rumors that director Matt Reeves was looking for a young actor to play Bruce Wayne in the highly anticipated Dark Knight solo album. Since at that time Affleck was considered the main performer of the role of Gotham's protector, viewers had the feeling that "Batman" would follow the path of "Joker" Todd Phillips and become a completely stand-alone film. Either the studio will nevertheless write its plot into the main universe, or it will have to look for two actors at once for the role of Batman - one for Reeves' picture, and the other for the rest of the film projects of the franchise.

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Author: Jake Pinkman