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Four weddings, one funeral and sequel

Image Last spring, British director and screenwriter Richard Curtis filmed a short sequel to his Christmas comedy, Love Actually, for the Discharge of Laughter's annual charity event. As it became known to the American edition of Vulture, the winner of the BAFTA award for his contribution to the development of cinema is preparing a sequel to another wonderful tape. This time Curtis will tell you how the future life of the heroes of the rom-com “Four Weddings and One Funeral” developed.

Hugh Grant shared his plans to create a sequel to the 1994 film with North American journalists.We're going to film a little sequel to Four Weddings and a Funeral to celebrate the next Red Nose Day, ”the actor admitted in an interview with Vulture.

Mike Newell's film, written by Curtis, was shot in just six weeks. The film, with a modest budget of $ 4.4 million, earned rave reviews in the press and became a real hit in world boxing. "Four Weddings and One Funeral" closed at $ 245 million, winning the title of highest grossing British film in history. The comedy was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay and earned Hugh Grant a Golden Globe and BAFTA.


In 1999, Four Weddings and a Funeral was ranked 23rd on the British Academy of Film and Television Arts' 100 Best English Films of the 20th Century list. Fans of cinema can only hope that Richard Curtis will bring to work on the short film not only Grant, but also other stars of the original - Andy McDowell, John Hannu, Christine Scott Thomas and, of course, the inimitable Rowan Atkinson.

Earlier it became known that based on the British movie hit, they also plan to shoot a new television anthology.

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