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Deadly Silent. A Quiet Place Trailer

Image Have you tried to give birth in complete silence, without making a sound? The heroine of the horror movie "Quiet Place" is exactly what has to do, otherwise death threatens both herself and her entire family. We present to your attention an atmospheric trailer for the new film by John Krasinski ("The Hollers"), written by Scott Beck and Brian Woods, in which the star of the popular sitcom "The Office" starred alongside his wife Emily Blunt ("Girl on the Train").

In the center of the plot is an ordinary American family living in the outback: a husband, wife and two children. A calm, measured life is disturbed by the atrocities in the area, reacting to sounds. To stay alive, the main characters have to first develop a whole code of rules for maintaining silence, and then completely go on the run. However, all parents know that small children cannot play in silence for a long time, and many toys tend to make harsh sounds at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, the heroine Emily Blunt is expecting her third child, and it is her lot that will have the hardest test - to give birth in silence ...

Krasinski's latest directorial work, the touching dramatic comedy Hollers starring Anna Kendrick, Sharlto Copley, Richard Jenkins and Margot Martindale, was critically acclaimed and earned several award nominations.

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The film starts in our cinemas on 5 April.

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