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Astral creators will unite for a movie about a robot

Image At the beginning of his career, Jason Bloom promoted his studio Blumhouse Productions, investing in low-budget horror films that could potentially bring big box office grosses. For the first time this worked with "Paranormal Activity", and in 2010 the investment again brought a large sum thanks to the launch of the Astral franchise under the leadership of James Wang. The director of "Saw" and Bloom, remembering their past success, decided to team up for a new project. This time, the duo's superpowers will be directed towards a techno-thriller, Collider reports.

Wang and Bloom are producing a film called M3GAN, which looks like a direct competitor to the recently announced remake of Children's Games. The plot of the tape tells the story of a genius robotics who gets a job at a toy company. She uses advanced artificial intelligence to program the doll and replace the parents with her orphaned niece. It can be assumed that the intelligence of the doll will work too well and she will begin to protect her friend so much that it will become a danger to everyone around. Gerard Johnstone (Homebound) will direct M3GAN from a screenplay by Akela Cooper (American Horror Story).


Wang talked about his experiences with the Astral franchise and his long-term collaboration with Bloom: “I really enjoyed working with Jason on Astral, which brought fame to both of us. I will never forget where I started and I am grateful to him for everything. We have been thinking for a long time in which project we will be able to collaborate again. ”

Wang's Atomic Monster Productions banner inspired the idea for M3GAN. The director shared his thoughts on the history of the creepy doll: “The idea behind the film is how much we depend on technology. And what happens when the technique gets out of hand. This is an observation about the world we live in, and it seems to me that it is appropriate. ”


Bloom, in turn, commented on the choice of the director of the upcoming film: “We wanted to find someone who can scare the viewer, but at the same time can defuse the atmosphere with the help of black humor”.

Filming is expected to begin this fall, but the duo may show a teaser for the project at Comic-Con, which kicked off yesterday in San Diego.

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Author: Jake Pinkman