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Matthew McConaughey named the most unprofitable movie star

Image The famous economic publication Forbes began to sum up the financial results of the year and published lists of the best and worst Hollywood actors in terms of value for money. The magazine's traditional New Year's Eve ratings are based on the amount of movie stars' royalties and box office receipts for the last three films with their participation. At the same time, cameos, dubbing of cartoons and films that were widely released on less than two thousand screens are not taken into account.

Matthew McConaughey found himself on the first line of the Forbes anti-rating quite unexpectedly. Several years ago, the actor decided to restart his career and began to refuse checks for tens of millions of dollars for filming in rom-com and action movies. The idea turned into a complete and unconditional triumph: his role in the independent drama Dallas Buyers Club earned McConaughey only $ 200,000, but made him an Oscar winner.

Since then, the actor returned to the world of high-budget cinema and seriously raised his price tag. To the disappointment of fans of Matthew's talent, recent commercial projects with his participation have not been financially successful. The most serious blow to the actor's reputation was the role in the frankly disastrous film adaptation of Stephen King's cult book cycle The Dark Tower, which failed to recoup its $ 60 million budget. As a result, Matthew's last three films allowed studios to return only $ 1.1 from every dollar spent on his royalties.


The top five least profitable movie stars also include Christian Bale ($ 1.5), Matt Damon ($ 3.7), Melissa McCarthy ($ 4.9) and Reese Witherspoon ($ 5.2).

Jeremy Renner is recognized as the most successful actor in the Dream Factory from a box-office point of view. Even the fact that this year he was left out of the blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" did not prevent the triumphant of the Forbes rating, which could seriously improve his performance. Renner's latest films have earned the film companies $ 82.7 per dollar invested in his salary. The main guarantee of Jeremy's success was rather modest fees by modern standards: the actor earned $ 12 million for the last three films, while their box office receipts exceeded $ 992 million.


Jeremy Renner's top 5 movie stars in terms of value for money were Mark Ruffalo ($ 80.2), Amy Adams ($ 69.9), Gal Gadot ($ 60) and Chris Evans ($ 56.1)

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Author: Jake Pinkman