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John Krasinski will stay in a quiet place

Image Fans of the horror genre will remember this year for a long time: Hollywood has presented the audience with a lot of successful horror films, and one of them is The Quiet Place. John Krasinski's painting was a huge success with viewers and grossed $ 334.5 million worldwide. Paramount Studios had no choice but to launch the sequel to the tape.

When the major announced his desire to direct the sequel to A Quiet Place, no one could say whether Krasinski himself would be involved in the creation of the second film. As it turned out, he is already working on the script for the sequel, as reported in a recent interview.

Initially Krasinski did not think about the continuation of "Quiet Place". John admitted to reporters that he had an idea for a sequel, but he did not consider it successful, and therefore invited the bosses of Paramount to find someone else to work on the second part. The major considered options from other filmmakers, but when Krasinski shared his idea with producer Andrew Form, he advised him to think carefully about the idea.“And then I thought it would really work. Now I am writing a sequel ", - admitted Krasinski.


The premiere of the second part will take place in 2020, so the major has enough time to prepare it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman