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Who ordered Rebel Wilson?

Image The popularity of Rebel Wilson was brought by the "Pitch Perfect" franchise, and since then the actress can most often be seen in comedies, of which there are several in her plans for the future. Now you can add to them and the crime thriller - the film adaptation of the comic book Crowded, the rights to which acquired Wilson. The Hollywood Reporter website reports.

The author of the original graphic novel is Christopher Sebela, and its action takes place in the near future, where various applications and the principle of division of works have come into vogue. The crowdfunding platform for fundraising for contract killings is also gaining popularity. Once the measured life of the protagonist is turned upside down. Charlie becomes a target for killers, and several million dollars are offered for her head. In desperation, the girl uses the app to hire the cheapest bodyguard. Now they together have to deal with the mercenaries and find out who is so passionate about eliminating Charlie. They only have 30 days to do this ...

The film will be produced by Oni Entertainment and Camp Sugar, with the latter owned by Wilson herself, so she will also produce the film. Original author Christopher Sebela will be the project consultant.


Next year, Rebel Wilson will appear in two comedies at once - Isn't It Romantic? and "Dirty Scammers", and now the actress is busy filming Taiki Waititi's new film "Jojo Rabbit."

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