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Clementine Churchill - Lady of the Cross and Heart

Image Deadline reports that Maven Pictures has acquired the rights to film the biography of Winston Churchill's wife, Clementine, written by Mary Soames, the youngest of five Churchill children. The adaptation of the literary source will be handled by Emmy nominee Margaret Nagle, who already has experience in film adaptation - she worked on a biopic about Franklin Roosevelt and his wife.

Soames' book, published in 1979, tells about the important role of her mother in Churchill's political activities. He often said that England's military and political successes in World War II would be"impossible without Clementine". Desperate and independent, Clementine was known for her selfless work during the First and Second World Wars. She organized canteens for workers in defense enterprises during the First World War, was the president of the Fund for Aid to USA from the Red Cross during the Second World War, and also the head of the maternity hospital for the wives of junior officers. For her heroic work she was awarded the title of “Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire.


“We are planning a film that will show viewers an extraordinary woman whose strength and steadfastness have played an important role in shaping the nation, the producers say. -It will be a story about a family, about spouses who loved and respected each other, sometimes fought with each other ... But they were a couple with whom we can all take an example, despite its publicity. We believe Nagle is the perfect screenwriter. She will be able to transfer the difficult life story of Clementine to the big screen. ”.

Margaret Nagle is best known for her 2014 film Lies to the Salvation starring Reese Witherspoon, and on TV she had a hand in the series On the Edge of Life and Red Bracelets. Maven also currently has a tape in development called "The Nurse" starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and an unnamed holiday comedy with Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer.

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