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Choi is alive

Image Next week Kirill Serebrennikov's "Summer", which tells about the beginning of Viktor Tsoi's career, will be released in wide USA distribution. As it became known to the TACC news agency, domestic filmmakers are preparing another feature film about the legend of Soviet rock.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture of the USA Federation hosted a presentation of new film projects by domestic studios. One of the participants in the pitching was a biographical drama tentatively titled Tsoi. According to the artistic director of the project, Sergei Snezhkin ("Bury me behind the plinth"), the picture will tell about the formation of Viktor Tsoi and those people who influenced him.

If "Choi" receives state financial support, the shooting of the film may begin this year. The director's chair for the drama is assigned to Alexey Rybin, a member of the first line-up of the Kino group. The image of Viktor Tsoi will be tried on by the Petersburg actor and musician Danis Bukharaev.


We are counting on this canvas and know how to shoot it, - said Snezhkin. -This is a historical canvas. I lived at that time, this time is largely slandered. We must now engage in archeology. There is no better opportunity than through a person like Viktor Tsoi to restore this time. I have not seen Leto, but knowing Serebrennikov, I can say that his picture says that Tsoi lived, and here - that Tsoi is alive. ”

According to preliminary data, Alexander Yatsenko, Konstantin Khabensky and Alexander Bashirov may join Danis Bukharaev in the film's cast.

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Author: Jake Pinkman