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Brave New World Han

Image After visiting a galaxy far, far away, Alden Ehrenreich continues his creative journey, and this time he is waiting for the brave new world of Aldous Huxley. The actor, who last year tried on the iconic character of Han Solo, will star in the series based on the dystopia Brave New World.

In the future, society has achieved stability through the prohibition of monogamy, personal information and the rejection of such concepts as money, family and history. Bernard Marx and Lenina Crown know no other world than one where a strict social order reigns, all psychological problems are solved with the help of drugs and a culture of pleasure and promiscuity flourishes. Bernard and Lenina go on a weekend to an Indian reservation, where they meet John Savage (Ehrenreich), who escapes with them to London. The appearance in the new world of an outsider who is not like the others threatens to undermine the foundations of this ideal society ...

Initially, the project was developed for the Syfy channel, but work on it was suspended, and in February it became known that the USA Network was ready to shelter the film adaptation, which ordered the first season of the series even without filming the pilot. However, UCP and Amblin are ready to make adjustments to that plan, and rumor has it Brave New World could be the flagship show for NBCU's streaming platform, which is slated to launch next year. Adapted from Huxley's novel by David Winer (Return), Grant Morrison and Brian Taylor (Happy!). The premiere episode will be directed by Owen Harris, who knows the world of the future thanks to Black Mirror.


Prior to Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich appeared in the films Beautiful Creatures, Beyond the Rules and Long Live Caesar! The series Brave New World will be his first major role on TV. Previously, the actor had only occasional appearances in the TV series Supernatural and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Source: Deadline

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