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Hitler vs. Chaplin

Image Oscar-winning producer Bruce Cohen (American Beauty) will tell viewers the captivating story of how Hitler's Germany nearly turned the United States into the Great Nazi Reich from the hit TV series The Man in the High Castle. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the eminent filmmaker has acquired the rights to film the novel Hitler in Los Angeles by Stephen J. Ross.

The work of the history professor at the University of Southern California was released last fall and immediately earned widespread recognition in the press. This year, the book was once again in the spotlight when it made it to the top three Pulitzer Prize finalists in the Historical Novel category.

Hitler in Los Angeles takes readers back to the 1930s. After Adolf Hitler came to power in North America, the German-American Union gained popularity. World War I veteran Leon Lewis became interested in the affairs of this anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi organization. He managed to infiltrate secret agents into the union, who found out that the Fuehrer's supporters were preparing a series of terrorist attacks and sabotage, including the kidnapping of film mogul Samuel Goldwin and legendary actor Charlie Chaplin.


Fortunately for movie lovers, Lewis's men managed to intervene in time and prevent attacks on Hollywood celestials. The adaptation of the book about the secret plans of the Third Reich will be done by aspiring screenwriter Chris Bremner.

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Author: Jake Pinkman