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WB prepares a response to Deadpool

Image After reviewers criticized the dark atmosphere of Batman v Superman and Justice League, Warner Bros. decided to radically change the vector of development of the DC Universe. The major is now in favor with humor and fun. The upcoming blockbuster "Shazam" was initially positioned as a comedy, and the promo materials for "Aquaman" hint that the atmosphere of the film will be more relaxed than in the same "Justice League". According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter, WB is preparing a solo album for another DC hero, who in the original source is a humorous character.

A Plastic Man can get his own tape. It first appeared in the pages of Quality Comics in 1941. Subsequently, the WB bought the rights to most of their characters. A plastic person is able to stretch his own body and take any shape. He is able to quickly recover, is immortal, invulnerable, immune to telepathy and has superhuman strength. The Plastic Man has many fans among comic book lovers who love the hero's original sense of humor and his funny adventures. It is noteworthy that Elastic Man, who looks like him, is one of the heroes of the Flash TV series.

The script for the project will be written by Amanda Idoko, who is just starting her career in cinema. The details of the plot have not yet been disclosed, but the source says that the WB bosses have been looking for a suitable author for six months.


The Plastic Man has already been on the small screens: in the late 70s, the series The Comedy Adventure Show of The Plastic Man was released. The character also appeared in the animated show Batman: Courage and Courage. The WB planned to shoot a film about the hero back in the 90s, and in 1995 the Wachowski sisters wrote the script for the film about the Plastic Man, but none of these ideas was realized.

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Author: Jake Pinkman