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Brie Larson Stands For Justice

Image Brie Larson has worked with director Destin Cretton twice - on the dramas Short Term 12 and The Glass Castle. Apparently, the director and actress got along well as Larson joined Cretton's new film crew.

As the site Variety found out, Bree signed up to take part in the filming of Just Mercy, which will be based on the memoirs of lawyer Brian Stevenson. They were adapted by Cretton himself in the company of Andrew Lanham (The Shack). The schedule of work on the project changed several times, and on top of that, he also changed studio, migrating from Broad Green Pictures to Warner Bros.

In his book, Stevenson, who founded the nonprofit Equal Justice Initiative to protect the poor, wrongfully accused, women and children, recounts the beginning of his career. One of his first cases was Walter McMillian, who was sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit. Stevenson himself will be played by Michael B. Jordan, his client - Jamie Foxx, but the details of the role of Brie Larson have not yet been disclosed. Filming will begin in September in Atlanta.


Next year, Larson will appear in two Marvel blockbusters at once - the film "Captain Marvel" and the fourth "The Avengers".

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Author: Jake Pinkman