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Universal monsters will go out of their way

Image A few years ago, Universal studio set out to revive the monsters from their classic horror films - Bride of Frankenstein, Invisible Man, Wolf Man and others. All of them were to become part of a single world, the so-called Dark Universe. As a result, the studio focused not on the horror component, but on the action. The result was disastrous: "The Mummy", designed to start the franchise, frankly failed, and its salvation turned out to be an impossible mission even for Tom Cruise. After that, all the projects of the universe that were in development went to gather dust on the shelf, but now the Universal monsters are ready to rise from their graves again.

The failure of "Mummy" forced the major to reconsider his approach to monsters. Now producer Jason Bloom and his company Blumhouse Productions will help bring them back to life. According to the new strategy, Universal is abandoning the idea of creating a connected universe with the participation of Hollywood stars. The scales have tilted towards standalone projects that will be tackled by talented filmmakers with original take on classic characters. This approach will allow filmmakers to embody their own unique ideas without being tied to a common franchise. It is reported that the paintings will be positioned as horror films without any restrictions on budget, style and rating. Filmmakers are free to interpret classic stories in their own way to please the modern audience.


The first to try to realize Universal's plans will be Lee Whannell, who is entrusted with the director's chair for The Invisible Man. Whannell is well acquainted with Jason Bloom: together they stood at the origins of the Astral franchise, and its third part was Lee's directorial debut. Last year, the director added the action-horror Upgrade to his track record.

Johnny Depp was supposed to play the Invisible Man, but he seems to be no longer assigned to the project. At the same time, all the stars who previously signed up to shoot in the universe of monsters, such as Depp, Javier Bardem and Russell Crowe, will be able to participate in the creation of films if they want.

Source: Variety

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