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Marlon Wayans will play the gears

Image The popular American comedian Marlon Wayans will continue to develop cooperation with the online service Netflix, which previously sheltered his Naked tape and the stand-up concert Marlon Wayans: Like a Thing. According to Deadline, the actor will play six roles at once in the comedy "Gears" (Sextuplets).

The main character of Marlon will be a guy named Alan, who, on the eve of the birth of his first child, decides to find his own biological mother. On the threshold of his parent's house, he will meet his brother Russell, whose existence he had no idea. The brothers will soon find out that they have shared the womb with four other children. Alan and Russell embark on an exciting road trip to finally bring the gears together ...

The director's chair of the comedy will be taken by Michael Tiddes, who is familiar with Marlon from his work on The House of the Paranormal, the comedies Fifty Shades of Black and The Naked. Wayans will be accompanied on-screen by his Marlon partner Bresha Webb.


Netflix executives are planning to launch the comedy movie next month.

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Author: Jake Pinkman