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Sony will throw Kraven the Hunter into battle

Image Although the construction of the MCU based on the comics about Spider-Man has been going on for a couple of years, the management of the Sony studio has not yet presented to the public a clear plan for its development. The honor of opening a new film series was entrusted to the tape about the alien symbiote Venom. Initially, it was assumed that the second film in the franchise would be a movie comic strip about the superheroines Silver Sable and Black Cat, but in June the major unexpectedly removed this project from his release schedule. It seems that the studio bosses chose to bet on the movie about Spiderman's famous enemy, Craven the Hunter.

Last summer, Sony CEO Tom Rothman let out foreign journalists that the studio is considering the idea of making films about two members of the Sinister Six supervillain team - Mysterio and Craven the Hunter. Since then, both projects have disappeared from the radar. As Collider managed to find out, there has finally been some progress in the work on one of them. Sony bosses entrusted the script for the movie about Craven the Hunter to the author of "16 Quarters" and "The Great Equalizer" Richard Wenck.

The debut of the colorful antagonist on the pages of Marvel graphic novels took place in August 1964. Forty-five years later, IGN ranked Stan Lee and Steve Ditko at # 53 on their list of "The 100 Greatest Villains in Comic Book History." Under the pseudonym of Craven the Hunter was Sergey Nikolaevich Kravinov, the son of a USA aristocrat who fled to America during the 1917 revolution. The villain sought to catch Spider-Man at all costs in order to prove to the whole world that he is the greatest hunter in history.


Sony officials are still not disclosing whether the new superhero franchise will turn out to be related to the Marvel Universe or whether viewers can hope to see Peter Parker portrayed by Tom Holland in their films. It is possible that comic book fans will receive answers to these questions only on October 4, when the film "Venom" will be released in USA.

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Author: Jake Pinkman