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Andy Serkis Will Play War Mouse

Image Briton Andy Serkis is ready to confirm his status as the world's leading expert in the field of Motion Capture. The actor who gave us the images of Gollum, King Kong, Caesar and Supreme Leader Snoke will once again put on his motion capture costume while working on the film adaptation of the Mouse Guard comic.

The first issue of the graphic novel by David Petersen went on sale in 2006. The comic is set in the Middle Ages, and its main characters are anthropomorphic mice from the Brotherhood of the Mouse Guard, protecting their fellow tribesmen from foxes, snakes, eagles and other enemies. The opening chapter of the story brought Petersen two Will Eisner awards and laid the foundation for a massive media franchise.

20th Century Fox acquired the film rights to The Mouse Guard in July 2016. A year later, Wes Ball ("The Maze Runner") took over as the director of the film, and now the project has finally entered the casting stage. The aforementioned Andy Serkis and Thomas Sangster (Love Actually, Game of Thrones) were the first recruits to the cast of the fantasy film. The first will play a gunsmith nicknamed Midnight, and the second will reincarnate as a young recruit of the Mouse Guard named Liam.


Filming of scenes using motion capture technology will begin in May, after which the project will be taken over by the CGI masters of the New Zealand company Weta.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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