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Harley Quinn will triple strike

Image One of the few bright spots of the super villainous blockbuster "Suicide Squad" was the game of Margot Robbie. The Australian debut in the role of mad Harley Quinn was so successful that the leadership of Warner Bros. set out to make her one of the top stars of the DC MCU.

According to The Wrap, the creators of the franchise are ready to use Robbie in three of their new comics at once. According to so far unconfirmed information, Margot has already signed up to participate in Suicide Squad 2. Yesterday it became known that a new film about the adventures of a friendly team of notorious villains may go to work in the very near future.

The second novelty with the participation of the heroine Margot Robbie promises to be the film "Harley Quinn vs. Joker", which is positioned as a love story in the spirit of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". The creators of the romantic comedy "This Wacky Love" Glenn Ficarra and John Recua are working on this film.


The blockbuster Birds of Prey, written by Christina Hodson (Obsession), can also give the Australian a chance to return to Quinn. Rumor has it that Robbie is a big fan of the comics about the team of superheroines from the DC universe. Insiders still find it difficult to say whether Harley will act as an ally of the Birds of Prey, or she will become their opponent.


It is curious that the journalists of The Wrap did not mention another movie comic strip in which the actress was actively wooed - "The Sirens of Gotham City." Either the plot of the film about Batman's famous rivals will do without Harley Quinn, or the WB has decided to send David Eyre's project to the shelf.

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Author: Jake Pinkman