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Nobody dies in Derry. Teaser Trailer ”It 2”

Image Get ready to head back to Derry, Maine. Children from the Losers' Club grew up, but could not get rid of their fears, and the first promo video for the second part of "It" in just a few minutes will pretty much tickle your nerves, and those who are not ready for the next horrors of the town where Pennywise lives will make you grab onto heart.

Twenty-seven years have passed since the dire events of the summer of 1989, and Pennywise is back. Following their promise, the members of the Losers' Club return to Derry to end evil forever, but It has never been so strong and cruel ...

Director Andres Muschetti and screenwriter Gary Doberman returned to work on It 2. Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, Bill Hader, James Ranson, Andy Bean and Isaiah Mustafa have joined the Losers Club. The young actors from the first part also returned to their roles - they will appear in flashbacks. Well, the image of Pennywise was again embodied by Bill Skarsgard.

It 2
Duplicate teaser trailer

The first part of the teaser is dedicated to the matured Beverly Marsh, who decides to visit her childhood home, where she is met by elderly Mrs. Kersh. At first glance, the old woman seems quite harmless, albeit a little inhibited, and even offers Beverly a cup of wonderful tea, but in fact the pretty lady turns out to be that kind of monster. Attentive viewers will notice the scars on Beverly's arms - she chose the same aggressive person as her father as her husband. According to Doberman, the It dilogy team is trying to follow the letter of Stephen King's novels, and therefore this storyline migrated from the book to the film adaptation.

The premiere of the second "It" will take place on 5 September.

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