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Security not guaranteed

Image After the release of John Wick, the careers of directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski took off. And if Litch ended up falling into Deadpool's arms, then his colleague lingered at the Continental Hotel. Next year, the third film about John Wick will be released, but Lionsgate does not intend to part with Stahelski, and therefore another joint project awaits them.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that in a competitive struggle, the major has acquired the rights to film the Analog comic, created by Jerry Duggan for Image Comics. Chad Stahelski will take over as the director's chair, and the original will be adapted by Ryan Kondal, one of the creators of the science fiction drama Colony.

The graphic novel is set in the near future, when, after a large-scale cyberattack, the security of the Internet becomes a myth. Now no one transmits or stores classified information on the Web, and courier services are in demand. Jack McGinnis, a man with a pistol in one hand and a suitcase strapped to the other, belongs to them. Danger awaits such professionals at every corner, and Jack, on top of that, has something to do with the hacker attack that changed the world ...


Stahelski already knows Ryan Kondahl thanks to his work on the Highlander reboot, which has yet to make it to the big screens. The director also plans to adapt another comic book and a mini-series "Rain" with Keanu Reeves in the title role.

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Author: Jake Pinkman