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Ewan McGregor befriends a cow

Image Many years ago, Henri Verney's comedy The Cow and the Soldier was released about the escape of a French prisoner of war from the Germans. The main role in the film was played by Frenandel, and his company was ... a cow. The director managed to acquaint viewers with a truly amazing story, once this year its remake got into development. According to Variety, Ewan McGregor is planning to play the cunning fugitive, and Mark Forster ("The Hand of God") will lead the filming process.

The original film is based on the novel by Jacques Antoine. It would seem that it is a sin for Charles Bally to complain about life: she works on the farm of a good-natured and friendly German lady, does not starve. Only now he is held captive by the invaders, and in his soul he dreams of Paris and thinks out an escape plan. Nothing more ingenious comes to the protagonist's mind than to borrow from his patroness a home-grown cloven-hoofed and empty bucket to go on foot towards France. Whoever walks boldly along the road with a cow, rattling a bucket, will cause suspicion among enemies?


McGregor and Forster have already crossed paths on the set of Stay and Christopher Robin, which is due out this summer. By the end of work on the latter, the director showed the actor the script of the future comedy and persuaded him to take part in its filming. “The project will help him open up. Ewan is great in drama, but good in comedy as well, ”Forster shared with Variety. -The journey takes place against the backdrop of hostilities. The characters face great difficulties, but their fun relationship only grows stronger. ”


The script of the remake will be done by Bill Prady, and the American Air Force pilot Charlie Granger will be at the epicenter of events. The enemy shoots down his plane over Germany, and the hero himself is captured, but he is not ready to put up with life in captivity. Charlie is hatching an escape plan in his head, the main participant of which will be a cow named Margarita. During their epic adventures, the strange couple encounter difficulties, and for Granger, Margarita becomes a loyal companion. But will he agree to sacrifice his companion for his own freedom? ..

Filming will start in the fall.

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