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Robert Redford retires

Image Two-time Oscar winner Robert Redford has announced the retirement of more than 60 years of acting, Entertainment Weekly reported. Redford began to conquer Hollywood in 1960 (and the world of TV - in the 50s), and today there are about 80 roles in his track record, as well as ten films on which he worked as a director. During this time, he received four Oscar nominations, one of which he won, as well as an honorary Oscar in 2002. In addition, he earned ten Golden Globe nominations with six wins and two Emmy nominations.

Robert announced his imminent departure back in 2016, and the film "The Old Man and the Gun" will sum up his acting career. Redford commented on his resignation: “Of course, never say never, but I have already decided that this is the end of my acting days, since I have been working since 21. I thought: well, that's probably enough. And why not leave on such a positive and inspirational note?”.

Redford explained that the decision is directly related to the plot of his upcoming tape, which is based on real events. The film tells the story of Forrest Tucker, who devoted his entire life to a criminal career before retiring. The actor explained the connection between the character and his departure: “It is important for me to embody this amazing image right now. The most interesting thing about Tucker - I hope this will be shown in the film - is that he robbed 17 banks, was arrested 17 times and went to jail 17 times. And he also escaped from prison 17 times. It got me thinking: what if Tucker was caught by the police on purpose in order to re-experience the thrill of running away every time?. ”


Fortunately, Redford said that he is ready to work as a director in the future. Despite being best known as an actor, he has a lot of experience on the other side of the camera. Moreover, Robert received an Oscar for directing, not for acting. However, this does not mean that he will definitely return to the film industry. After all, he is 81, so maybe he already wants to just watch films, not shoot them.

Considering all his merits, Robert Redford will definitely be missed in Hollywood. He has performed many stunning roles in such films as "Scam", "Hope Will Not Fade" and "The First Avenger: Another War." The world premiere of his latest film, The Old Man and the Gun, will take place in the fall.

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Author: Jake Pinkman