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Dirty female secrets. A Simple Request Trailer

Image Director Paul Feeg is known to the general public primarily for his comedies (Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Last Thrust, Arrested Development), while actress Anna Kendrick starred mainly in rom-coms and melodramas. But sooner or later, each of us is trying to throw himself some kind of challenge, and for Paul and Anna, such was the crime thriller "A Simple Request", a dubbed trailer of which you will find below.

The main character of the film"from the dark side of Paul Fig", ordinary, unremarkable Stephanie meets a mysterious girl named Emily, who behaves extremely eccentric (for example, does not like to be photographed), which fascinates everyone around. Once a newly-made acquaintance turns to Stephanie with a request to provide her with a simple service, after which she disappears without a trace. Friends of the missing girl strongly advise Stephanie not to go into her past, because there you can unearth something that will make you lose sleep forever. But Anna Kendrick's heroine shows perseverance and soon actually finds out something terrifying, though not exactly about Emily ...

The disappeared is played by Shallow star Blake Lively, with minor roles starring Linda Cardellini (The Founder) and Rupert Friend from the spy series Homeland.

Duplicate Trailer

Our viewers will be able to puzzle over the mystery of the missing girl from September 20.

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