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Walton Goggins will reveal the secrets of Los Angeles

Image American producers tried twice to film the novel by James Ellroy "Los Angeles Secrets". The first attempt was very successful - the feature film of the same name in 1997 received nine Oscar nominations (and won two of them). But six years later it was not possible to transfer the events of the book to small screens: work on the series with Kiefer Sutherland did not go further than filming the pilot.

CBS is hoping for a better outcome for its own adaptation of Los Angeles Secrets and is already assembling a cast for the new show. Walton Goggins was the first to join him, according to the Variety portal. He will play detective Jack Vincennes, whose image in the feature film was embodied by Kevin Spacey. The cheeky cop with a brilliant smile knows perfectly well how the system works, and uses this knowledge to his advantage, not hesitating to turn dirty things on the side. In the original, Jack, in his spare time from murders, moonlights as a consultant on television and, along the way, catches movie stars on petty crimes, giving the tabloid press grounds for sensational headlines.

The series will tell about three police detectives, a journalist and an aspiring actress, whose paths cross during the investigation of a serial killer. The scriptwriter of the project is Jordan Harper ("Gotham").


On account of Walton Goggins there are many memorable roles in the series, among which there are "Sons of Anarchy" and the war drama "The Sixth Division". This year, the actor can be seen on the big screens in the sequel to Ant-Man and the new Lara Croft.

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Author: Jake Pinkman