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Keanu Reeves could be a superhero

Image Having achieved tremendous success in the work on TV series based on the comics about the Defenders, the online service Netflix decided to try its hand at creating a full-length film about the hero with the prefix "super". According to Deadline, the streaming giant has snatched the rights to T.J.'s script from the bosses of Hollywood studios. Fixman (Ratchet & Clank: Galactic Rangers) Past Midnight.

The details of the plot of the picture are kept secret. We only know that Netflix intends to present to the public a completely new image of the avenger hero.

The bosses of the streaming service are already assembling a stellar team of superhero action movies. After Midnight will be produced by Anthony and Joe Russo, who are currently preparing the epic blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War for release.


Rick Famuyiva (Narcotic) will direct the film. As with the Russo brothers, the director knows firsthand the world of comics and superheroes. At one time, Rick claimed to be the director's chair for the Flash solo album, and just a couple of days ago, the news came from Hollywood that he was entrusted with the work on the film adaptation of the graphic novel "Black Hole".

Netflix bosses have also decided on a list of candidates for the lead role in After Midnight. Keanu Reeves heads the short list of applicants for the ambitious online service project.


Over the past few years, Netflix has managed to become the largest producer of TV content in the world and impose serious competition on the leading Dream Factory studios. A few days ago, the leaders of the online service announced that this year they expect to spend about $ 8 billion on the production of new films and TV series.

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