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Tom Hardy will sing a Christmas carol

Image In late 2017, it became known that the BBC media giant had commissioned Stephen Knight (Peaky Blinders) to adapt Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. Since then, there has been no news about the project, but in a conversation with Collider reporters, Knight finally shared information about the new series.

In light of the recent news that the second season of Taboo has been postponed, fans of Tom Hardy's work will surely appreciate the fact that the actor will not disappear from the small screens. Earlier it was reported that he would executive produce "A Christmas Carol," and now Knight has confirmed that Hardy will also take part in the filming of the series. True, the only thing known about his role is that it is key.

According to the scriptwriter, the script for the three-hour drama based on "A Christmas Carol" is almost ready. The show team intends to begin filming this year to release their creation for Christmas. Not only the BBC is taking part in the adaptation, but also an American company, whose name Knight did not disclose.


The BBC believes so much in Knight's talent that it is not going to be limited to just one Christmas Carol.“I am planning to adapt five of Dickens's pieces - A Christmas Carol; and four others over the next six or seven years, and I hope to bring in some of the world's best actors because Dickens's characters are great, ”said Knight. He also added that his goal is a film adaptation with a modern spirit, somewhat similar to "Taboo".

So far, only "A Christmas Carol" has received the green light from the BBC, but the company will surely help Knight transfer Dickens' other works to the screens. If the story of Ebenezer Scrooge is told in three episodes, then other series based on larger works will consist of an average of eight each.

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