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Brad Pitt's War on Zombies Delayed

Image More than five years have passed since Paramount decided to stage the second coming of the zombies. Despite the problematic filming process, the blockbuster "War of the Worlds Z" fully paid off its $ 190 million budget at the box office, and it seemed that the sequel to the action was only a matter of time, but not without difficulties. Juan Antonio Bayona, who was listed as the director of the second part for three years, eventually chose the dinosaurs, after which the major began negotiations with David Fincher. And in the fall of last year, the stars came together: the eminent film maker and Brad Pitt were finally ready for a new war with the undead.

Everything went as well as possible: Fincher is completing work on the second season of "Mindhunter", Pitt finished shooting for Tarantino and in the drama "To the Stars". However, the happiness of World War Z fans did not last long. Paramount officials have announced that the sequel has been frozen indefinitely. The main reason for the delay in the second part was the disagreement between the studio and Fincher over the budget. Some sources claim that the filmmaker asked for less than $ 190 million spent on the first part, while others say the opposite, they say the final figure would exceed this amount. In any case, Fincher's reluctance to compromise was what led the major to shelve World War Z 2. Fincher himself is no longer assigned to the project.

It is quite possible that the second coming of the zombies will still take place - with a different director and with a smaller budget, because the studio was pleased with the script by Dennis Kelly ("Utopia"). Moreover, Fincher refused to sign a formal agreement with the major until he saw the finished and, most importantly, good lyrics.


In this case, Paramount Studio can be understood: 2018 turned out to be very uneven for it. Along with hits like "Quiet Place" and "Aftermath", "Annihilation" and "Sherlock Gnomes" were released, which turned out to be losses for the major. In the case of the second "War of Worlds Z", Paramount bosses probably want to play it safe: firstly, this is a continuation of the film that was released six years ago, also with an R rating, and secondly, the presence of zombies calls into question the release of the blockbuster in China, which often saves Hollywood films from financial failure.

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