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Night at the cinema hall

Image Working on the action-packed series "The Ozarks" helped Jason Bateman to reveal himself not only as a great dramatic actor, but also as an extremely talented director. It was not for nothing that last year the American Television Academy nominated the hit star of the online service Netflix for an Emmy award in two categories for serial dramas at once - Best Actor and Best Director. According to Hollywood insiders, Bateman will continue to work with the streaming giant and will once again take on dual roles for an intriguing film project inspired by the Night at the Museum trilogy.

Jason is the director and performer of one of the roles in the yet unnamed comedy, the plot of which was invented by Mark Perez. Jason already knows the screenwriter from last year's Game of the Night, which earned accolades in the press and more than recouped its $ 37 million budget.

The Netflix production team will include Michael Costigan (Gangster), Jeffrey Kirschenbaum (XXX: World Domination) and Joe Roth (Mona Lisa Smile). The actor, wrestler and philanthropist John Cena ("Bumblebee") also signed up to take part in the creation of the comedy. Information about his character is kept secret for now.


The film will tell about the adventures of an ordinary family, trapped in an abandoned film studio. Things will take an unexpected turn when the pavilions of the filming complex begin to take on a life of their own. The main characters of the comedy will have no choice but to plunge into the magical world of cinema and recreate scenes from their favorite films.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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