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Flying with Superman

Image At the end of last month we reported that a film adaptation of Sophie Kinsella's bestseller "Can You Keep Secrets?" Is being prepared in Hollywood. Popular American actress Alexandra Daddario got the lead role in the romantic comedy. The star of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and the new Malibu Rescuers will also take on production for the first time in her career. As it became known to the publication Deadline, Daddario has found a worthy screen partner for herself.

Recall that Alexandra will embody the image of an employee of a multinational corporation Emma Corrigan, who is being transferred to a new position in another city. During an air flight, her plane unexpectedly falls into a zone of turbulence. A panic attack immediately rolls over the main character of the story, and she decides to pour out her soul to a handsome stranger sitting in a nearby chair. After a soft landing, Emma goes to her new office, where she discovers that her interlocutor was none other than the executive director of the corporation Jack Harper, who from now on knows all her secrets and secrets ...

The role of the heroine's boss, Daddario, went to Tyler Hacklin, known to the general public for his role as Superman in the popular TV series Supergirl.


The script for the film was written by Peter Hutchings ("The Art of Love"), and his directorial chair will be taken by the debutante of the world of big cinema, Elise Durand.

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Author: Jake Pinkman