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Merzlikin in the tank and Kurylenko in the fog: watch this week

Image Despite the fact that the coming week will do without high-profile American high-budget premieres, at least two films on the list are worth spending money on a ticket, and both are based on true events. The first, domestic, will tell about those people who, according to the ballad of the Soviet poet Nikolai Tikhonov, would make the best nails in the world. The second, Polish, will present an alternative and honest view of the life of a person who had to undergo plastic surgery.

As for horror movies, action movies and teenage melodramas, the novelties presented in these sectors can be easily ranked as a checkpoint: a horror movie can only scare the viewer who has never watched other horror films, an action movie will make you think that it’s time for some actors to retire, and instead of fresh teenage melodrama is better to revisit the old movie of the same name with Patrick Swayze

Tanks ". Demonstration of power

Last year, director Kim Druzhinin proved that patriotism in the new USA cinema has a face not only human, but also very meaningful. His war drama “Panfilov's 28” transported the audience straight to the rumbling hell of the front line and made them very emotionally find out the price of this feat. The plot of "Tanks" is also based on a real story - about the designer Mikhail Koshkin, who on the eve of the Great Patriotic War went on a secret run across the country to demonstrate to Comrade Stalin the uniqueness of the T-34 he invented.


The good news for Kim is that next week there won't be a single blockbuster at the box office, good news for moviegoers - the movie "Tanks" turned out to be more adventurous than historical, so you can and should go to it with the whole family (or a large company ). It will be possible to find out the whole truth about Koshkin and his brainchild from the book, which the producers of the tape will release for the premiere. The main roles in "Tanks" are played by Andrey Merzlikin and Aglaya Tarasova.

"Ghost". Quirks of puberty

But it's better not to go to this picture if you are over 17 years old and teenage romance is alien. "Ghost" is a story about how a young maiden fell in love with a ghost, which changes its appearance every day. Today he is an African American boy with a beautiful smile, and tomorrow he is a mischievous redhead girl. But the main character still has the most tender feelings for him and does not want to let go. Apparently, the creators of this film will try to impose on their viewers the idea that appearance is not the main thing. But even if you're still 17, you probably already guess that this is nonsense. Western critics almost unanimously felt bewilderment from watching, and some of them said that without sex scenes to reveal the topic "every day a new partner" was not even worth trying.

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Truth or Dare ". Almost kitsch

Fans of horror films in cinemas will have an intricate plot about deadly games. The Truth or Dare project is notable for the fact that it was directed by Jeff Wadlow - the screenwriter of such popular series in his genre as The Strain and Bates Motel. The plot of the picture focuses on a group of teenagers, whose leisure time went according to an unplanned scenario due to the interference of supernatural forces. Judging by the trailer and the first reviews, this movie will not bring anything new to the genre, and it is worth considering it not so much as a horror, but as a kitsch parody of it.

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Breathe in the haze. " See Paris and survive

This French-Canadian fantasy drama tells how a killing fog enveloped Paris, and it became possible to escape from this scourge only on the roofs of buildings. Olga Kurylenko and Romain Duris play worried parents, whose daughter, due to her illness, could not get out of the apartment and was left to wait out the apocalypse in the apartment, in a specially equipped cell. Unlike the cult "Mist" by Frank Darabont, this tape is not provided for a sharp social statement about the transformation of a person into an animal (or a religious fanatic) in the face of death. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film's strong point is its visuals, but the main characters lack depth, and the plot lacks emotional charge.

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Face ". Mom, it's me

Most anticipated among the least publicized premieres is the Polish comedy-drama Face, based on a real-life event - the world's first successful face transplant. Interestingly, the director Malgorzata Sumovska did not make a happy end out of the operation itself, instead telling the audience about how, after such a radical transformation, not only Jacek's life changed, but also the attitude of those around him, even those closest to him, people. The film won the Grand Prix of the jury at the Berlin Film Festival and received many laudatory reviews, celebrating its specific sense of humor, positive energy, convex weird characters and even a peculiar dignity.


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