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Happy Anniversary, Bebel!

Image Today, the 85th anniversary is celebrated by the master of French cinema, who during his long career has played in more than 80 films, Jean-Paul Belmondo, aka Bebel, "darling of fate", as his fans affectionately call him not only at home, but also in all over the world.

The son of a famous French sculptor and painter, Jean-Paul Belmondo was born in 1933 on a suburb of Paris called Neuilly-sur-Seine. Despite the fact that the boy grew up in a creative environment, he did not immediately decide to devote himself to art. As a child, Jean-Paul devoted more time to sports than to study, he played football and boxing. The young man was seriously thinking about becoming a professional boxer. And although he did not lose a single battle, his career in this area ended very quickly.“I stopped when the face that I saw in the mirror began to change,”- the hero of the day said later.

Fortunately, Belmondo's area of interest also included acting. So, having tied up with sports, at the age of 20, he entered the Higher National Conservatory of Dramatic Art, where he studied for three years. Having made his first steps on the stage back in 1953 at the Parisian Atelier theater, the young actor began touring the country in the company of his friends Annie Girardot and Guy Bedos.


As for the way to the big screens, Belmondo started with secondary roles in such films as "On foot, on horseback and by car", "Be beautiful and be silent", "Deceivers". And although the actor had a chance to work with famous directors, due to his specific appearance, he was usually offered the role of rebels or criminals and loafers, as, for example, in Claude Chabrol's film "On a Double Turn of the Key". Yet Belmondo's talent and charisma could not go unnoticed.

At one point, he caught the eye of the young director Jean-Luc Godard, who invited him to his debut feature film "On the last breath." Of course, here Jean-Paul Belmondo again embodied the image of a criminal, an immoral life-burner, combining the cynicism of the on-screen characters of Humphrey Bogart with the naivety of a clumsy con man. He added a special mixture of cruelty, spontaneity and comic moments to the image, and it was this role that brought the actor worldwide fame. The film became a landmark and one of the first and brightest representatives of the so-called French new wave, and Belmondo began to be compared with the American actor James Dean.


However, Jean-Paul Belmondo soon destroyed the image that had developed around him and began to take on roles that were in stark contrast to his previous projects. A young worker involved in a seemingly impossible love affair in the movie "7 Days, 7 Nights". A kind, intelligent young man in the military drama Chochara, where the birthday boy played along with Sophia Loren, who received an Oscar for her role. Resolute, with non-standard views on faith, priest in the melodrama "Leon Morin, Priest". These roles have demonstrated that, despite the external impenetrability and harsh masculinity, Belmondo is able to show on the screen the entire gamut of feelings, capturing all the nuances of the image.


In the 60s Jean-Paul Belmondo again worked with Godard, playing in several of his films: "A woman is a woman", "Mad Pierrot". He also collaborated with other leaders of the French new wave - the famous directors Francois Truffaut, Louis Malem, Jean-Pierre Melville. With the development of his career, the actor more and more switched to comedy and action films, which were very popular with the European audience. In addition, not forgetting about his sports past, Belmondo, without the help of understudies, independently performed numerous tricks, starting with banal fights and ending with standing on the wing of a flying plane. In the actor's piggy bank appeared such works as "Magnificent", "Fear over the city", "Incorrigible", "Monster", "Robbery".

Today's hero of the day even managed to play in one of the films about the British secret agent James Bond. But perhaps the most famous role of Jean-Paul Belmondo is the French secret agent Josselin Beaumont from Georges Lautner's dramatic thriller The Professional. Stories about a real man, smart and strong, gone through hell, but still ready to fight for justice and not afraid to risk his life for this. Brave and courageous, at the same time cold-blooded and terribly charming, before whose ironic and charming smile no woman can resist. It is with this image that many viewers associate today's birthday man.


In the late 80s - 90s Jean-Paul Belmondo again decided to change his role, this time switching to dramatic roles and playing in such films as "The Minion of Fate" by Claude Lelouch, the film adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel "Les Miserables", which won the "Golden Globe "as the best foreign language film, as well as the fantastic time travel drama" Perhaps ". After a long break, Belmondo returned to the theater stage, combining filming and working on performances.


Unfortunately, after the actor suffered a stroke in 2001, he had to stop active creative activity. Only a few years later, in 2008, Jean-Paul Belmondo reappeared on the screen - in the film "The Man and His Dog". At the insistence of the hero of the day, the role did not hide, but on the contrary demonstrated his shortcomings and disability. But even if physically Belmondo is not the same as he was before, at heart he is still the same rebel and adventurer. And although in 2015 he announced the end of his acting career, a little later in an interview with the Paris Match newspaper he said:We need to find some funny character who will have difficulty using his hand and who has problems with his leg. Maybe the role of a guy returning from the war. I, like all the actors, haven't finished yet. If I am offered a role

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