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Sony is preparing a remake of Blind Date

Image Recently, Hollywood has literally swept a new wave of remake addiction. We reported yesterday that Paramount is planning to re-shoot the drama Indecent Proposal, starring Robert Redford, Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore. No sooner had the cinema fans discussed this news properly than the Dream Factory decided to create a remake of the film with the participation of Moore's ex-husband Bruce Willis.

A few days ago, the film company Sony announced that its losses in the first quarter of this year amounted to $ 68 million. According to the publication Deadline, the management of the major expects to improve their financial performance with a remake of the comedy "Blind Date." The main character of the 1987 tape was the bachelor Walter Davis, who agreed to go on a date with his brother's wife's cousin. The protagonist still has no idea that the charming girl Nadia should never be offered alcoholic drinks ...

Initially, the comedy script was written for Madonna and Sean Penn, but eventually director Blake Edwards settled on Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis, who got his first major role in a big movie. The picture was defeated by strict film critics, but ordinary viewers liked it and successfully paid off its $ 18 million budget.


The plot of the new version of "Blind Date" will be thought up by young screenwriters Chris Hazzard and Michael Fontana ("Nerds from Sweden").

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Author: Jake Pinkman