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The Plebeians of Seth Rogen

Image The career of Seth Rogen can only be envied: from roles in all kinds of comedies by Judd Apatow, he came to create his own production company, issuing one hit after another. According to the portal Deadline, Rogen is ready to add another series to the list of his projects - a remake of the British comedy "Plebeians", which is released on the ITV2 channel.

The original show, created by screenwriters Sam Leifer and Tom Basden, is currently in preparation for its fourth season. The "Plebeians" are described as "Oversized" in ancient Rome. The main characters of the series are bosom friends Markus and Stilax, as well as their lazy slave Grumio, who is always experiencing difficulties in his personal life. They try to climb the social ladder, but they don't forget about the fun and beautiful neighbors.

Rogen will be working on the Plebeys remake with his Point Gray Pictures colleague Evan Goldberg. In the last few years alone, producers have presented viewers with such full-length films as Neighbors. On the Warpath ”,“ Full of Raskolbas ”and“ Woe Creator ”, as well as the series“ Shepherd ”and“ Man of the Future ”. The duo managed to do the almost impossible: the comic strip about Jesse Caster still made it to the screens, although Hollywood by that time believed that adapting The Shepherd was an impossible task.


American remakes of British comedies are not always popular with viewers, but the involvement in the work on the Rogen and Goldberg project inspires hope that they will end up with a series as hilarious as the original.

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Author: Jake Pinkman