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Halo adaptation will get to screens

Image During the American Television Critics Association's Winter Press Tour in January, Showtime CEO David Nevins reassured the audience that the channel is actively working on a TV series based on the Halo game franchise. The news pleased those who are closely following the fate of the project, the first information about which appeared back in 2013. Now we can confidently say that the long wait was worth it, since Showtime bosses were pleased with the work done and ordered the first season of the show. It will consist of ten episodes.

The series will be executive produced, written and showrunner by Kyle Killen, who has starred in the dramas Lone Star, Awakening and A Beautiful Mind. Rupert Wyatt, director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, will lead several episodes of the first season.

The upcoming drama will take viewers into the XXVI century and tell about the conflict between humanity and the union of alien races known as the Covenant. According to the official press release, the deeply personal stories of the characters of the show will be complemented by action, adventure and colorful futuristic images.

“This is our most ambitious project and we hope that such a long wait will be rewarded. The history of television tells us that there has never been much science fiction on screen. Kyle Killen wrote a gripping and provocative script, and Rupert Wyatt is a great director, and their vision of the series will not only captivate fans of the game, but also attract those who are not familiar with the original into this world. ”- David Nevins noted.


Those who have heard at least something about Halo adaptation in the past will surely have a sense of deja vu. In 2013, the project went into development, and Steven Spielberg himself was listed as one of its executive producers, but the idea remained on paper. Xbox then created its own web series, Halo: Twilight, starring Mike Coulter and Ridley Scott in the producer's chair. Earlier, Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp were going to turn Halo into a full-length film, but it all ended when the duo did not agree with Microsoft and put all their efforts into District 9.

Filming for the series will not begin until next year, and it will probably be released in 2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman