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The abyss of heaven have opened

Image At one time, one of the first TV projects of the Chernin Entertainment studio was the high-budget sci-fi series Terra Nova. As it became known to the publication Deadline, the company of the nominee for the "Oscar" Peter Chernin ("Hidden Figures") is ready to tell the audience another fascinating story about survival in extreme conditions. The management of Chernin Entertainment has acquired the rights to television adaptation of Cassandra Montag's book After the Flood.

The presentation of the novel took place in the middle of this month at the London Book Fair, where the American writer struck a bargain with William Morrow and Company. The book will go on sale next summer, but literary critics have already compared its plot with the script of the famous post-apocalyptic thriller "Water World". In 1995, the tape with Kevin Costner in the title role was rather coolly received in the press and earned only $ 264 million with a budget of $ 175 million, but after being released on the video, it acquired a cult status among sai-fi fans and managed to get to the level of self-sufficiency.

The action of Montag's novel will unfold in 2130, when, as a result of a natural cataclysm, the Earth will be almost completely covered with water. In the center of the plot will be a woman named Mira, who, with her youngest daughter, will get on board a huge ship, wandering the endless world ocean in search of land. The main character will convince the crew of the ship to head north to try to find her eldest daughter, who was lost during the flood ...


Insiders still find it difficult to name the format of the book's adaptation. It can be a TV movie, a mini-series, or even a serial drama. Endeavor Content, which is currently developing a series based on the works of Robert E. Howard about Conan the Barbarian, will support Chernin Entertainment in creating an intriguing TV project.

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