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Stabs in the head. Hobbs and Shaw Trailer

Image They first met in the seventh "Fast and the Furious", and that meeting could hardly be called joyful - after all, Deckard Shaw (Jason State) was at first inveterate villain, while Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) was on the side of the good guys. The fans liked their verbal and not only skirmishes in the eighth part of the franchise so much that Universal studio postponed work on Fast and Furious 9 and concentrated on the first spin-off of the film series, the main characters of which were the very Hobbs and Shaw.

After watching the trailer for the film, it immediately becomes clear where the legs grow from, and it's not only the catchy inscription"Fast and the Furious presents", but also what is happening on the screen. In the video, something is constantly exploding, shots are thundering, people are jumping out of windows - everything is in the spirit of the Fast and the Furious of recent years. Fortunately, the creators of the action-packed blockbuster left the arguments about the importance of family to Dominica Toretto, and Hobbs and Shaw just do their job, teasing each other along the way. And they will have a difficult task: they need to catch a villain named Brixton (Idris Elba), who imagines himself to be an invulnerable superman (superpower and a gang of mercenaries are attached). According to The Rock, Brixton is the most dangerous villain in the history of the franchise.

The filming of "Hobbs and Shaw" was entrusted to the Universal bosses of the former stuntman and now - a successful director, David Leitch ("John Wick", "Deadpool 2"). In addition to Elba, the Fast and the Furious family will now officially include Vanessa Kirby, Eisa Gonzalez, Eddie Marsan and Joe Anoai.

Hobbs and Shaw
Dubbed Trailer

Cool cars, accurate headshots and Lethal Weapon-style jokes will fill USA cinemas on August 1.

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