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Snow White hasn't said everything yet

Image This year the Disney studio managed to please the audience with two remakes of its classic cartoons: "Dumbo" and "Aladdin". Next in line is The Lion King, the sequel to Maleficent, and in 2020 Cruella and Mulan are to hit the screens. From time to time, the bosses of the House of Mouse remember Snow White. The major is going to shoot a feature film about the poor thing poisoned by an apple since 2016, but there has been no real progress in the work on the remake until now. Disney has finally found a director for the new Snow White: Mark Webb is in talks with the studio.

The screenplay is written by Erin Cressida Wilson ("The Girl on the Train"), and the music and songs are by the Oscar-winning duo of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul ("La La Land"). Apparently, the House of Mouse did not abandon the idea of filming a musical about a beautiful princess.

Webb probably surprised the Disney bosses with his approach to the story of Snow White, since they turned their attention to him, because his directorial career is developing rather unevenly. Webb first directed the critically acclaimed rom-com "500 Days of Summer", but it was followed by the indistinct two parts of "The Amazing Spider-Man", which contributed to the return of Spidey under the wing of Marvel, and the sentimental "Gifted".


Disney isn't the only one trying to cash in on the Brothers Grimm tale. In 2012, the comedy fantasy Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarfs was released, and at the same time Universal tried their luck with the film Snow White and the Huntsman, the financial success of which opened the way for the sequel. In it, however, there was no place for the title character.

Source: Variety

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