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Karl Urban is ready to go to the guard of Mega City

Image In 2012, the action movie Judge Dredd 3D earned a warm welcome from rigorous film critics and fans of the 2000 AD universe, but failed to make it to the level of self-sufficiency. Over the past six years, the film's producers and actor Karl Urban have made several attempts to find funding for the filming of the sequel, but all their efforts have been in vain. As it became known to the TrekMovie edition, fate can still give the New Zealander a chance to return to the image of a brutal guardian of the law.

Last May, Rebellion Productions and IM Global began work on Judge Dredd: Mega City. A few months later, Urban announced to his fans that he would be happy to take part in the creation of this intriguing TV project.

According to insiders, the creators of the series have already received a ready-made script for the pilot episode. And since the shooting of the test episode may begin in the very near future, Karl decided to be active again. “I've already had a preliminary round of talks with the crew of this show, - said the actor at the Trekonderoga festival. -I am very interested in their project, because I love comics about Dredd from a young age. From the creators of Mega-City there is a great opportunity to tell many fascinating stories based on this universe".


Young and inexperienced judges will be at the center of the story, - said Urban. -Naturally, Dredd will appear on the screen from time to time. The show's creators can count on me to write a really important and interesting storyline about Joseph. I can't go out on set just for the sake of grunting a little and making a couple of faces. Let's see what they come up with. Even if in the end I don’t get a role in the series, I am still glad that soon the audience will finally see Dredd again”.

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Author: Jake Pinkman