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Superfast Men in Black

Image Once the studio Sony was going to reboot the franchise "Men in Black", at the same time introducing into it the heroes of "Macho and nerd". However, last fall it became known that the major abandoned this strange idea, opting for a regular spin-off. According to the portal Deadline, now the project can boast of a director: filming will be headed by the director of the latest "Fast and the Furious" F. Gary Gray.

The Men in Black reboot is described as being related to the original film series. The details of the plot have not yet been disclosed, but it is likely that the agents of the secret organization that controls the aliens, already familiar to the audience, will be at the center of events. However, one should not wait for the return of agents K and J. As an example of a successful restart, Sony management cites "Jurassic World". Moreover, the new project, judging by the previous statements in the press, will go international and will not be limited to just New York as a venue. Considering the epic events of the eighth "Fast and the Furious", which traveled to different parts of the world, the choice of F. Gary Gray for the role of the director of the spin-off is quite understandable.

The latest script was written by Arthur Markham and Matt Holloway (Iron Man, Transformers: The Last Knight) and produced by Walter F. Parks and Laurie MacDonald, who worked on the original Men in Black.


F. Gary Gray has been conquering the world of big cinema for more than 20 years, but the musical drama “Voice of the Streets” became a real breakthrough for him. After the film's financial success, the film maker received an invitation to the Fast and the Furious universe, and although the eighth part was criticized a lot, it still earned $ 1.24 billion at the box office.

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