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The Sequel to The Shining has a director

Image Last year, journalists asked director Mike Flanagan, who was collecting compliments for his successful adaptation of Gerald's Game, what Stephen King's work he would like to film next. Flanegan admitted that he wants to shoot a picture based on the novel "Doctor Dream", and now his dream is ready to come true.

According to the portal Deadline, the WB management, inspired by the success of the horror "It", stepped up work on the sequel "The Shining", which is based on the book "Doctor Sleep", and Flanagan received an invitation to lead the filming of the project. Mike will also rewrite the script by Akiva Goldsman ("The Dark Tower").

The original is set many years after the events at the Overlook Hotel. Danny Torrance has matured, but he is still haunted by memories of the past. Danny went all over to his father: all the same problems with alcohol and anger management. Soon he manages to quit his addiction and settle in a small town in New Hampshire. Here his psychic abilities return to Danny, and he establishes a bond with a 12-year-old girl who must be saved from great danger ...


On account of Mike Flanagan there is not only "Gerald's Game", but also many other horror films - "The Oculus", "Silence", "Somnia", "Ouiji. The curse of the devil's board. " The director is currently filming The Haunting of Hill House, and Doctor Sleep is likely to be his next project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman