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Transformers: The Penultimate Knight

Image A month ago, Hasbro representatives solemnly announced that Bumblebee should be considered the starting point in the reboot of the Transformers franchise. It looks like the toy company was quick to make this big announcement. Today it became known that the plans of the Paramount studio still remain to work on the continuation of the main film series about the confrontation between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

The permanent producer of the franchise, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, admitted to the journalists of the Japanese edition of Cinema that Paramount wants to create not only the second part of "Bumblebee", but also a whole series of films that will take place after the events of the blockbuster "Transformers: The Last Knight".

It can be assumed that the producer was referring to the direct sequels to the 2017 film. "The Last Knight" was defeated by critics, but still managed to empty the pockets of viewers for $ 605 million. The spin-off about Bumblebee received much higher ratings in the press, but was limited to an amount of $ 459 million. It is possible that Paramount decided not to give up the chicken laying the golden eggs. In this case, the main film series will have a chance to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of the public and return to the box office level "from a billion and above."


At the same time, one should not reject the option that we are talking about a reboot after all. Perhaps Paramount simply does not want to delete the previous parts of the franchise from the timeline of the cinematic universe, as the studio Warner Bros. with his "Suicide Squad". In this case, the action of "Transformers 6" will take place after the events of "The Last Knight", but new characters will play a key role in the plot of the film.

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