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Keanu is back on horseback. John Wick III Trailer

Image Will a man be able to get out of New York safe and sound when a price of $ 14 million is assigned to his head, and a whole horde of elite mercenaries is already on his heels? Do not rush to place bets on how many seconds the poor guy's life will last, because we are talking about the legendary killer, nicknamed Baba Yaga. Lionsgate has released the first trailer for the action movie "John Wick 3", in which Keanu Reeves' character reminds viewers that he is considered a tough nut to crack and a deadly weapon for a reason.

Today it's hard to believe that Wick's adventures began as a risky project of two Hollywood stunts who met Reeves on the set of the Matrix trilogy. The franchise's starter film paid off its $ 20 million budget almost four and a half times and became a real breath of fresh air for true connoisseurs of the action genre, who are tired of the same type of action movies that violate the elementary laws of physics and ballistics. The budget for the second part of "John Wick" has doubled, and its receipts soared to $ 171.5 million.

The creators of the triquel have already received $ 70 million. It seems that this money was spent wisely. Fights and shootings in the trailer look as impressive and large-scale as possible, and the cast of the picture is literally bursting with big names. The already familiar heroes of the franchise will be accompanied by characters performed by the legendary Angelica Houston, martial arts expert Mark Dacascos, Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor, and the incomparable Halle Berry, who seems to take the same elixir of eternal youth as Keanu Reeves. br />

John Wick III
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Recall that USA viewers will open the hunting season for John Wick on May 16.

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