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Fury of the Seven Seas. Aquaman Trailer

Image "The sea is calling, the wave is singing ...", and we are watching new trailers from the Comic-Con festival held in the USA. The next blockbuster "Aquaman" with the charismatic Jason Momoa in the role of a superhero, commanding the sea element and its inhabitants. The film was directed by James Wang, known primarily for various horror franchises. In the video presented, which gained about 8 million views in the first day, Aquaman talks about his parents, recalls bullying in childhood, communicates telepathically with a giant shark from the aquarium and admits that he loves redheads.

The action of the film starts in the 80s of the last century. Lighthouse keeper Tom Curry finds a wounded woman on the shore, who turns out to be the queen of Atlantis. They have a romance, and soon an unusual boy is born. From a young age, Arthur Curry has demonstrated outstanding physical abilities, the ability to breathe underwater and communicate with fish. Before his death, his mother tells Arthur the truth about his origins and says that he is destined to become the king of the seven seas.

Orma, the main villain of the blockbuster, who wants to take revenge on people for the pollution of the ocean, was played by Patrick Wilson, barely recognizable in makeup, the image of the wife of the protagonist Mera was embodied by Amber Heard, and in the trailer you can see Willem Dafoe, who plays Nuidus Wulko, the chief scientist of Atlantis.

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A solo album of one of the most powerful members of the Justice League will be released on our screens on December 20.

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