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Now don't look at Anya

Image Last month, journalists were able to find out from Edgar Wright ("Scott Pilgrim vs. All") what he would do in the near future, and one of the projects named by the director was a then unnamed psychological thriller. As it turned out, his filming is set to begin this summer and Wright has already begun casting.

Anya Taylor-Joy will play the leading role in Wright's new film. The picture was called Last Night in Soho, but so far this is only a working title. The events of the film will unfold in the bustling area of London - Soho, where, in fact, the shooting will take place. Other details of the plot are unknown, but earlier Wright admitted that he was inspired to create the thriller by the classics of cinema - the dramas Don't Look Now and Disgust. In both, the characters slowly lose touch with reality and go crazy, so that Taylor-Joy may soon lose her mind on the big screens. Wright co-wrote the script for the project with Christy Wilson-Cairns ("The Boulevard Horrors").

Anya Taylor-Joy is well known to horror fans thanks to The Witch. The horror was followed by the first hit with the actress - the thriller "Split". Wright was delighted with Taylor-Joy's performance, calling it great. The director is also a fan of the Thoroughbred drama, where Anya played one of the roles. Apparently, the filmmaker had long wanted to work with the talented actress and took the first opportunity - Taylor-Joy had just given up filming the action Gunpowder Milkshake.


Now several films with the participation of Ani Taylor-Joy are expected to be released, among them - the biopic of Maria Sklodowska-Curie and the film comics "New Mutants". The actress also signed up to shoot in the melodrama "Tight Turn" and will appear in the fifth season of "Peaky Blinders".

Source: Variety

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