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The Vampire Chronicles have taken refuge on Hulu

Image We last wrote about The Vampire Chronicles two years ago, when the creator of the popular youth series of novels, Anne Rice, announced that adaptations of her novels would go to TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the potential series has finally found a home with streaming service Hulu, which features the highly successful cult drama The Way, and the highly anticipated Castle Rock is expected to premiere soon.

Recall that the heroes of the bestselling books have already visited the screens: in 1994, the wonderful film Interview with the Vampire was released, and in 2002, the slightly less wonderful Queen of the Damned. Since then, Hollywood producers have set their sights on adaptation, and Robert Downey Jr. even aimed for the role of Lestat. The film rights were then acquired by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment in order to make a series of full-length films, but something went wrong, and the project ended up in production hell, until Anne Rice announced in 2016 that plans had completely changed, and her characters move to television.


According to the source, the producer of the new series, in addition to the writer herself and her son Christopher Rice, will be Steve Golin, who worked on "Mr. Robot" and "Alienist". Earlier this year, it was announced that Brian Fuller would take part in the creation of the show, however, in order not to step on the heels of the Rice, who are his old friends, he quickly left the project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman