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Nick Fury could move to TV

Image For many years, the director of the organization S.I.T. Nick Fury served as a liaison between the various characters in the MCU. The MCU Cosmic portal shares rumors that Samuel L. Jackson's character will finally get a solo album on Disney's new online service.

A month ago it became known that the Marvel studio is preparing for the Disney streaming platform mini-series about the adventures of such popular characters of its superhero franchise as Loki and the Scarlet Witch. Now there are rumors on the Web that two more telecomics are in the works. Details of one of them have not yet been reported. As for the second, none other than Fury can become its central character.

Insiders still find it difficult to say in what time period the action of the series will unfold. Even if it is about the beginning of Nick's espionage career, viewers have every right to hope that Sam Jackson will appear as the title character of the show.


Based on preliminary information, the entire line of new Marvel telecomics will receive solid budgets. The fact that Disney does not skimp on the promotion of its streaming service is evidenced by the costs of creating the series The Mandalorian. According to preliminary information, about $ 100 million has been allocated for the shooting of the eight-episode first season of the Star Wars-based game series. If the telecomic about Fury receives the same budget, it will be enough not only for Jackson's fee, but also for the actor's face rejuvenation technology, which Marvel is testing in the upcoming Captain Marvel blockbuster.

If the action of the series unfolds in our days or in the recent past, the studio may well involve Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) and other Nick associates in it.


It should be noted that the official representatives of Marvel and Disney are in no hurry to confirm information about the development of the series.

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