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Robinson from the supermarket

Image The crisis of script thought led to the emergence of a completely new trend in Hollywood - the resuscitation of long-forgotten projects of famous film makers. A month ago, the news came from the Dream Factory that the owners of a number of studios are ready to launch a battle for the opportunity to implement Stanley Kubrick's script for the book "The Burning Secret", which was considered lost. Now The Hollywood Reporter has learned that another curious long-term construction will go to work.

Producers Milos Antic, Katherine Aber and Benny Korsen will use Oscar-nominated Sam Peckinpah's screenplay based on the story of James Gould Cozzens' The Exile. The creator of The Wild Gang, Straw Dogs, Escape and The Iron Cross is considered one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood history. Modern critics call Sam the brightest representative of the revisionist western genre and one of the main innovators of cinema of the 20th century. At one time, Peckinpah was considered the main contender for the post of director of the blockbusters "King Kong" and "Superman", but his career was ruined by a bad temper and craving for alcohol and drugs.

After critics destroyed his tape "Convoy" in 1978, Sam was left without work for several years. To restore his reputation, enfant terrible Dream Factory wrote the script for the film adaptation of The Exile and went to Europe for funding. The director managed to strike a deal with the Yugoslav studio Vardar Film, but soon work on the project was frozen. Peckinpah died in 1984 without ever getting the film into production.


After three decades, Sam's scenario will still be realized. Cozzens's story was published back in 1934. Its main character is an ordinary American who has decided to survive a mysterious disaster in a huge department store.

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