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Bumblebee has opened a new chapter in Transformers

Image Paramount Studios and Hasbro Corporation have decided to change the status of the recent blockbuster "Bumblebee". The famous Autobot's solo album was considered just a spin-off and a prequel to the main film series, but now the owners of the Transformers brand have made it clear that Travis Knight's picture should be considered as a starting point in the reboot of the franchise.

In recent years, the affairs of "Transformers" did not develop in the best way. In 2017, the fifth part of the franchise, The Last Knight, was crushed by film critics and received ten nominations for the Golden Raspberry. Paramount bosses were never embarrassed by the critical arrows at the work of Michael Bay, but this time the picture did not cope with the main financial tasks. The box office gross of $ 605 million was the worst since the launch of the epic and prevented The Last Knight from recouping production and advertising costs. According to financial analysts, Paramount lost at least $ 100 million on this blockbuster.

Although Bumblebee's box office results were even more modest, the studio was finally able to melt the hearts of critics. The feed currently holds an impressive 93% rating on non-review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Previously, only the opening film of the franchise managed to get more positive than negative reviews.


It is not surprising that the producers finally abandoned the idea of filming a direct sequel to The Last Knight and decided to start a new MCU chronology with Bumblebee. The plan was announced by Hasbro's management at the New York International Toy Show.

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