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The Invisible Man's Tale

Image With the support of Universal, producer Jason Bloom has already revived Halloween and is now bringing back the studio's classic monsters. A month ago, we reported that the major has abandoned plans to create a connected universe of monsters and will make each planned remake a separate project. The first in line is "The Invisible Man", in which Johnny Depp was supposed to play the main role, but now Elisabeth Moss will try to hide from prying eyes.

The owner of two Golden Globes is negotiating to play in a new version of The Invisible Man. So far, the actress has not given official consent to participate in the filming, and the details of the role offered to her have not been disclosed. Perhaps Universal will change the classic story and turn the main character into a woman - a scientist who has found a way to make the human body invisible. The information that Depp dropped out of the project was also officially confirmed.

The film is directed by Lee Whannell (Astral 3, Upgrade), and while the Invisible Man based on the novel by HG Wells is recognizable, the remake will receive a small budget, like most Blumhouse horror films. br />

This year, Elisabeth Moss can be seen not only in the third season of The Handmaid's Tale, but also in the films We, The Kitchen and Her Smell.

Source: Variety

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