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The US Box Office roams the maze

Image For three weeks, the Jumanji remake dominated the North American box office, but this dominance came to an end last weekend (January 26-28), due to the final installment of the Maze Runner franchise.

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure made its debut weekend a $ 23.5 million hit that met analysts' expectations. Of all the parts of the film series, the triquel boasts the largest budget ($ 62 million), but it did not manage to bypass its predecessors in terms of starting performance at the box office. However, this situation was quite predictable, since moviegoers are gradually cooling off to this kind of franchises. Even the fact that the premiere of "The Cure for Death" the audience waited a year longer due to the injury of Dylan O'Brien, did not stir up interest in the blockbuster.

If the Americans did not support Thomas and the company of gliders too zealously, then outside the US the third "Maze Runner" feels at ease: there is already $ 82 million in the piggy bank of the tape.


The triquel received an average B + rating from early moviegoers, while critics were divided on Wes Ball's film. Some call the "Death Cure" the best part of the franchise, claiming that Ball has become adept at creating action games over the years. The stunts, explosions and chases are beautifully filmed, but behind this facade it is difficult to see anything else as the script is rather mediocre.


"Call of the Jungle", although it lost the championship to the "Maze Runner", did it with dignity. Jake Kasdan's film still performs well. The audience of the tape sank only 16%, grossing for the week amounted to $ 16.4 million, and now, thanks to the earned $ 338.1 million, the remake is the third in the list of the highest grossing releases of the Sony studio, second only to "Spider-Man" by Sam Raimi and its sequel. Considering the results on the world stage, at the moment "Call of the Jungle" boasts a decent amount of $ 822.1 million.


On the third line of the top-5 was the western "Foes" with Christian Bale in the title role, finally released in wide distribution. And although the film did not reach the estimated $ 12 million in the end, having mastered only $ 10.2 million, he can definitely write down one significant achievement for himself. The fact is that Scott Cooper's tape bypassed many Oscar contenders last weekend, including The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Analysts predict that Enemy's home rental will be completed with about $ 50 million, just like Train to Yuma ($ 53.6 million) with Bale.

Reviewers have described Foes as a thoughtful and engaging Western that demands patience and concentration from the viewer, rewarding them with food for thought and an interesting insight into history. And the cast is well-chosen here: what the performance of Bale and Rosamund Pike is worth.


The musical "The Greatest Showman" has risen to the fourth place, which, it seems, is not going to leave the top five. After a weak start in December, Michael Gracie's film has picked up steam and has been collecting more than its first weekend for four straight weeks. The last weekend brought the film another $ 9.5 million, bringing its total earnings to $ 126.5 million. If this goes on, the "Greatest Showman" will be able to beat Les Miserables ($ 148.8 million) and La -La Land "($ 151.1 million).

Another Oscar nominee, The Secret Dossier, closes the top five. An additional $ 8.9 million went to her piggy bank, and at the moment, Steven Spielberg's tape has $ 58.5 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman